Halo Metal Coat |Anti corrosion Protection 

Anti corrosion protection for stainless and galvanized steel

Halo’s anti corrosion protection Metal Coat always comes to mind when we watch Rugby.  This morning we’ve watched the All Blacks play the Pumas at Estadio Ciudad De La Plata in Argentina. Rugby makes us think of the anti corrosion protection Halo is providing at Eden Park and it also makes us think of our UK distributors Granlyn.  Craig is a passionate rugby man but he’s also a passionate Halo man.  Craig is putting Halo Metal’s anti corrosion protection through a gruelling salt chamber test.  When we last heard Halo Metal had passed 1700 hours without creep and was still going!  Watch this space.

The stainless steel at Eden Park required anti corrosion protection.

Even stainless steel and galvanized surfaces benefit from Halo Metal Coat anti corrosion protection.  Stainless steel when coated with Halo Metal effectively moves up a grade.  Likewise, Halo Metal Coat can add up to 25 years to the life of a galvanized pylon or transmission tower.  From 50 years to 75 is an impressive life extension.

Halo anti corrosion protection is a good financial choice

Halo Metal Coat is a premium product and, at first glance, looks as if it is priced as a premium product.  You would expect that given its premium results.   Actually, however, when you analyse the coverage you get from the product, it is not expensive at all.   Add to that how easily it is applied and you have an all-out winner.   And that’s before you start counting the benefits of longevity and durability which protect your assets for longer.  And that’s also before you start counting the benefits of low maintenance and ease of cleaning.

Halo anti corrosion protection is easy to apply

Halo Metal Coat is a one pot system which is applied very thinly.  It is misted on to the substrate in a very fine layer.  It’s one occasion where less definitely is more.   And it doesn’t require expensive equipment to apply it either.  All you need is an acetone-proof sprayer.  And Halo now has its own branded pump available for applicators and distributors to purchase either from us or from our UK and USA hubs.  We’re pretty proud of how they look too.

Halo Surfaces Acetone Sprayer

Halo’s anti corrosion protection ticks all the boxes

It’s strong, durable and lasts and lasts.  It’s easy to apply and extremely cost-effective.  And you don’t need lots of expensive equipment.  Applicators make handsome margins while still providing great prices and service to the end users.

If you want to know more or yearn for one of our lovely green pumps then contact us now.