Halo Metal Coat enhances airplane interior design

Halo Metal used to enhance airplane interior design

Halo Metal used to enhance airplane interior design

Halo’s Metal Coat protects a rust finish in this executive airplane interior design.  

The coating is light, glamorous, and exotic.

Airplane Interior Design is a specialist design area requiring the designers to choose not only beautiful materials but also rugged ones.  Because of its strength and durability Halo Metal is ideally suited to protect less robust finishes from the harsh treatment meted out to the interiors of airplanes by the travelling public.

Halo’s Metal Coat is an ideal strong solution for Airplane Interior Design.

Halo’s Metal Coat has been used over Metalier’s rust in the attached picture of an Executive Jet.  It is light, exotic and tough.

Good Airplane Interior Design is part of the whole airline experience.

As airlines compete for the travelling public’s dollars the interior design of the planes will be one of the many things that are part of why a particular airline is chosen.

Halo Surfaces offer airplane designers and manufacturers a range of protective coatings to ensure that their very expensive aircraft stay in service and need upgrading and updating less often.  Fabric coat will protect airline seats from the inevitable spills of wine and food;  it will protect carpet as well.  Glass coat in the toilets will make them easier to clean and to keep clean during long-haul flights, and Wood Coat will protect coated finishes.

Halo coatings are also in testing for exterior metal protection.  We will keep you posted with developments in that area.  It would be exciting to be involved with protecting one of the new breed of aircraft such as the Boeing Dreamliner.  It is 21st century technology at its best – and so is Halo’s  Matrix-Nano™technology.

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