Halo Metal Coat protects Diamond Galleria Shop Frontage

Halo Metal Coat – protects metal coatings for all  sorts of situations and all sorts of environments.   One of the toughest “people” environments is the shopping mall.  It’s tough just because so many people crowd into them and it’s often tough too as the mall owners require their retailers to keep their shops looking good and pristine.  It’s a competitive market out there.

Metal Coatings protect Metalier aluminium “tracks” finishHalo Metal Coat protects aluminium finish

The grey finish on the panels on either side of the Diamond Galleria is Metalier’s real metal coating in the finish called “tracks”.  This finish is made with aluminium grit so it has a rough industrial look and the pattern is in stripes so it gives a ridged effect – a bit like a miniature railway line.  The metal coating is finally sealed with Halo Metal coatings to protect it from damage by passers-by and make it much easier to clean.

Metal Coat protects against graffiti

As well as being easier to clean Halo Metal Coat protects against graffiti – not that graffiti is usually a problem in a mall.  But where the coating does help in malls is that it protects against adhesives (often the preferred way of tagging these days).  So, if you need to put up posters for a promotion, for example, when the promotion is over the poster will be easily removed.

Metal Coat protects against UV damage too

Sunlight is not much of a problem for malls (apart from the workers missing out on it) but protection against UV damage is an important quality of all Halo coatings.  This means that the underlying substrate, whether it be raw metal or another coating such as paint will keep its colour and lustre for many years more than if left in their natural states.

Metal Coat will solve many of your problems too – please contact us to see how we can help.