Halo Metal Coat will prevent rust and protect “designed” rust


Halo Metal Coat will prevent rust from developing.

Eden Park -Metal Coat - before and after!

Applied to metal even as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel, Halo Metal Coat has the effect of increasing the grade of the substrate.  Applied to the rusting stainless steel of Iconic Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, you can see what a difference the coating makes.

Sometimes designers want to prevent rust from being damaged

Rather than getting rid of it they want the rust to be protected.  Halo’s sister company Metalier produces a durable iron coating that can be rusted and coloured in various hues.  The beauty of this rust is that only the coating is rusted leaving the substrate intact – the ideal solution – you get all the beauty of organic rust but none of the degradation.

Orange Rust

At Halo we are inspired by many things.  One of our chief sources of inspiration is the website ArchiExpo which showcases the best of architecture and design throughout the world.  The fireplace attached is from the ArchiExpo site.  This heavenly fireplace would have looked stunning in Metalier rust protected with Halo Metal Coat.  And this combination would not only be stylish and practical, it would be surprisingly cost-effective.


Halo Metal Coat can also prevent rust developing on industrial and agricultural machinery.

It will protect the paint surfaces as well from UV damage and degradation.  We’ve all seen tired looking diggers and bull-dozers on road and construction sites. They simply don’t need to look like that.  The company owner can save many many dollars by protecting their equipment and the drivers and operators will get pleasure from and be proud driving equipment that is new and shiny.   Imagine the pleasure of a new car being translated into the pleasure of a new bull-dozer.  We would think it is good not only for the pocket but also the morale.  Anyone got a bulldozer that needs a “do-up”?

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