Halo Premium Graffiti Coating protects street art

You need Halo Premium Graffiti Coating

Why?  Halo’s Premium Graffiti Coating puts you in charge.  Most Anti graffiti coating involves a contract with a graffiti cleaning company.  You are locked into a contract and go on paying for cleans to your tagged assets.

Halo Premium Graffiti Coating makes taggers weep

Why?  Because as soon as the tag is done you can easily wipe it clean yourself with Halo Graffiti cleaner.  This wonderful cleaner is water-based, safe and strong.  You don’t need to wait until the Graffiti Cleaners can fit you into your schedule.

Street Art. Graffiti Coating

Halo Premium Graffiti Coating makes you smile


First:  Because you can clean it yourself, easily and at once.

Second:  Because once applied Halo Premium Graffiti Coating lasts for years and years and years.

Third:  Because it’s a non-sacrificial coating which means you can clean it over and over again.

Fourth:  Because it is so strong that you are only cleaning the coating not the substrate underneath.

Fifth:  Because it will save you money – that’s why.  You only pay for the one coat coating and then can handle the cleans yourself if you want to.  You don’t have to of course, but Halo Premium Graffiti Coating and matching cleaner gives you the option.

Street Art. Graffiti Coating

Is street art graffiti?

The main difference between street art and graffiti vandalism is permission.  If you have permission then your work is art.  If you don’t then it is vandalism.  Round Auckland in New Zealand there is a lot of street art and murals.  As reported in the Herald this morning the whole culture of street art has changed in the past decade.  Artists paint where they’ve been given permission or work has been commission.  And if the rules are stretched sometimes, the artists mostly have a strong sense that they’re contributing something to their community.

Graffiti Coating Street Art

Halo graffiti coating will protect street art and enhance it and prevent damage by taggers.

Contact us to protect your wall, your building or your art or to find out more about our new water-based Graffiti Cleaner.