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Halo summarizes slips and trips statistics

Work-related slips and trips and fall injuries is a subject of a report by the Injury Prevention Research Unit at the Department of Preventative & Social Medicine at the Dunedin School of Medicine at the University of Otago.  The report was published in 2005.  You can read the full report here.

Halo slips and trips statistics

The authors concluded that “work-related falls represent a significant portion of the work-related fatal injury problem in New Zealand”. And “falls have been estimated to account from 9-35% of all work-related fatalities and 2-29% of all non-fatal occupational injury.”

The highest number of fatalities occurred in workers aged between 35 – 39 years, most were males and most occurred during weekdays.  The day of the week didn’t seem to make a difference – there were slightly more injuries on a Monday and the safest day was Thursday.  Slightly more injuries happened in the months October-December than in January-March.

Agency of injury/accident

This aspect of the report is of the greatest interest to us at Halo Surfaces.  To quote again “The agency of the injury is defined as the object, substance or physical condition that made contact with the person to directly cause the injury.”   Examples of agency include machinery and plant, powered equipment such as chain saws and chemicals.

The biggest agency of injury and incident of work-related fatalities in the study period were water, the outdoor environment including traffic and ground surface and oily surfaces and stairways and steps in the indoor environment.

These agencies are the easiest to “fix”.  Stairways and steps can be well lit, can have distinctive paint colours and can be coated with anti slip.  Likewise outdoor areas likely to collect oil can be treated with anti slip.  There is every reason to ensure the safety of workers, not only as being responsible for one’s fellow humans but also because it affects the bottom line.

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