Halo Surfaces announces the Blue Range Nano Sealers


The Blue Range Nano Sealers is Halo’s name for its water-based range of sealers.

Blue is the universal symbol for water so it makes it easier to understand the difference between the products we offer.  It helps you to decide which product is best for each application.

Blue Range Nano Sealer

This week in New Zealand we spent time with a delegation from Singapore and Thailand who will be distributors for Halo Surfaces (and also Metalier) in those two countries.  Details of how to contact them will be posted on our website in the New Year.  But it is very exciting to welcome new companies to the Halo family.

The Blue Range Nano Sealers helps to explain the composition of the Halo Range.

There is a vast array of coatings and sealers in the Halo range.  It was while we were explaining the coatings to our visitors from Singapore and Thailand that we thought of re-naming the range to clarify and help new customers and distributors come to grips with the ranges.  After all, we have Enhancer Plus, which is a solvent sealer and Enhancer Blue which is a water-based sealer.  That’s “easy as” as they say.  We just have to apply the same “easy as” principles across all the range.

Sealers will be called Sealers and Coatings will be called Coatings

That’s another area of confusions for which we apologise.  We have been guilty of confusing sealers and coatings too – Fabric Coat and Glass Coat aren’t coatings in the way that Graffiti, Concrete, Metal, Wood, Vinyl and Stone are.  They are a bit “in between” but in performance and durability they are more akin to sealers than coatings so should be described so clearly.  We’ll be making some changes to our website and underlying documentation over the next few weeks so watch this space.  But in the meantime

The Blue Range Nano Sealers are as follows:

Halo Multi-purpose Blue Nano Sealer

Halo Polished Surface Blue Nano Sealer

Halo Enhancer Blue Nano Sealer

Halo Glass Hydrophobic Blue Nano Sealer

Halo Glass Hydrophilic Blue Nano Sealer

Halo Glass Blue Nano Conditioner (we left sealer out of this one – OK?)

Halo Fabric Blue I Blue Nano Sealer

Halo Fabric Blue II Blue Nano Sealer

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