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Halo Surfaces gains reputation as anti slip expert

Halo Surfaces’ reputation as the “go to” anti slip expert in New Zealand has been confirmed by the Auckland District Health Board contracting Halo for yet more work.  There is nothing more affirming and confirming than customers who keep coming back for more and more work.

Satisfied customers speak volumes.

Auckland Hospital Anti slip protection safety

Halo’s claim to be an anti slip expert relies only partly on its great products

Halo Surfaces Premium Anti slip is the solution for most anti slip areas where a discrete but powerfully effective solution is required.

It’s cost-effective

It’s speedy to apply

It is durable

It doesn’t rely on etching which destroys the substrate

It is barely visible.

Customers can’t get enough of it.

While we are very interested at Halo, of course, in selling lots of our wonderful product, that is not our only interest.  We care about safety generally.  We care about the cost of injuries in terms of people’s enjoyment of life and the pain and suffering which can be caused by a broken leg, a broken ankle and so on – let alone the tragedy of death.  We don’t forget these horrific statistics.

And we also care about the actual medical cost.  There are so many wonderful medical interventions these days that it’s impossible to do and pay for them all.  But we could do more of the innovative and new procedures which add to people’s enjoyment of life if we could save money on paying for repairing the damage caused by accidents that shouldn’t have happened.

So Halo is the anti slip expert on a mission!

We will, in this blog, continue to give you information and feedback on steps you can take to make your home and workplace and happy place safe and free from the dangers of slipping.

And, if along the way, you recognise that you need our Premium Anti slip coating we’ll be thrilled.

Contact us here and find out how Halo sounds when we’re thrilled.