Halo Surfaces | Anti slip for stairs

Halo has created a premium anti slip for stairs.

You can’t imagine the iconic and seriously cool set of stairs in this picture being protected with anything other than Halo anti slip.

Anti slip for stairs

Halo Anti slip for stairs is discrete

Above all when choosing an anti slip you want to ensure that it looks the part as well as doing the job.  There are two options with Halo.

The first and most discrete is Halo Concrete.  Halo Concrete Coat comes in three sheens – gloss, satin and matt.  Halo Concrete Coat meets code compliance standards when it is dry.  When wet it reaches a slip co-efficient of .34-.36 which is a little short of the code compliance standard of .4.  It is, however, eminently suitable to use when code compliance is not required or if wetness is not an issue.  The stairs pictured are indoors and not obviously going to be wet at any time, so Halo Concrete would be perfect.  Love the bike, don’t you?

The second option is Halo Anti slip

Halo Anti slip contains tiny glass beads. Although the coating is clear and the beads are of clear glass, the beads refract light at different angles.  This means that the coating can look opaque although in reality it’s not.  Block and dark colours like red and black show the most difference between a coated and uncoated surface.  On light beiges and greys and mottled surfaces you can barely tell that the coating has been applied.

Whatever your colourways, Halo Anti slip and Halo Concrete give a far more aesthetically pleasing look than tape or yellow bobbles.  And don’t even talk about etching which breaches and damages the surface of the substrate.

We can help you with all your anti slip questions.  Contact us to ask them.