Halo Surfaces’ Solutions for Restaurant Health and Safety

Restaurant Health and Safety for staff and guests is as important as beautiful fit-outs.

It’s as important as the food as well.  There is no point having fabulous food that makes you ill!

Usually my inspiration for these Halo Musings comes from a number of sources and this week is no different – one was a posting by Archi-Expo (one of my favourite sites) of some truly wonderful restaurant fit-outs.   Look at this one in Italy:

Kook Inspirational Restaurant Fit-out

The second was that my daughter’s family have just suffered on a cruise liner with norovirus.  A cruise liner is, in some ways, just a gigantic restaurant.  The family is OK and it was a minor outbreak but it got me thinking about all the great Halo products that can make restaurants safer and healthier.

Restaurant Health and Safety Product No 1 is Concrete Coat

Halo Concrete Coat seals concrete floors and benches – makes them much easier and quicker to clean.  And clean means safe.

Restaurant Health and Safety Product No 2 is Halo Anti-slip

It’s a fact – there are spills and water on floors.  Halo Anti-slip will ensure that those spills don’t become treacherous.

I have a secret wish that they would make the routes to the toilets anti-slip too.  Often they are tiled and if you are wearing silly shoes and have had a glass or two, getting to and from the comfort stop can be an ordeal.

Restaurant Health and Safety Product No 3 is Halo Enhancer Plus (or Halo Enhancer Blue)

Where a more subtle finish is required to restaurant floors, Halo Enhancer Plus and Enhancer Blue provide a solution.  They are great sealers and protect the substrate.  They also protect against food and beverage stains.  And they are easy to keep clean.

Restaurant Health and Safety Product No 4 is Halo Bio-S.

On the basis that you leave the best until last – there is Halo Bio-S.  We are still testing this product so that we can be confident of the claims we make for it but so far, Halo Bio-S is set to set a new standard in Hospital and Restaurant Health and Safety – preventing the spread of viruses and other nasties.  Keep an eye on this blog for updates.

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