Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark in high places

Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark protecting signs

Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark with its metal sign protection at the door of the National Party Headquarters in Wellington.  They were recently the subject of a refit and beautification project undertaken by national design company Spaceworks.

Halo SV Metal Coat on bronze sign

Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark and stops you making yours

The sign for the entrance way to National House is Metalier bronze, the substrate is acrylic and the words were “cut-out” of the substrate by Cutting Innovations.  The bronze was protected with Halo metal sign protection which means that it won’t need re-polishing .  It will stay pristine and beautiful probably for ever actually.  Metal Coat can be abraided away over time but there probably isn’t going to be much abraiding on the wall of National House.

There’s a funny story about the erection of this sign

The sign was made in Auckland and had to be flown to Wellington with the designer who took the wrong glue with her.  So all during the opening ceremony she had to stay standing by the sign pretending that she was just admiring it but in reality she was keeping it held to the wall until the right glue arrived.  But pretty impressive don’t you think – acrylic, glue, metal coating and Halo SV metal sign protection instead of the weight and expense of sheet bronze.

Halo SV Metal Coat makes its mark in an environmental statement

Halo SV Metal Coat on rusted container made of fibreglass

On 5th October 2011, the MV Rena grounded on the Astrolabe Reef near Tauranga, New Zealand causing a disastrous oil spill.  The vessel was a container ship and as it sank containers were spilled from the decks and holds into the sea.  Auckland artist Natalie Tozer has captured this environmental disaster in her work.  The container she designed and built in fibreglass is coated in Metalier rust and then protected with Halo SV Metal Coat.

We probably can’t get you elected to parliament but we could talk to you about Halo Metal Coat and the other exciting coatings in the Halo range.  Contact us now.