Halo works with Graffiti Artist

Halo is delighted to have the opportunity to work with Graffiti Artist Jonny 4Higher.

Jonny is a full-time freelance mural artist.  He has 14 years professional experience.  Originally from Christchurch in the South Island of NZ, he is now based in Auckland’s Grey Lynn.  His mural work has appeared in Hong Kong, Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and the USA.

Graffiti Artist works with Halo

We love this image of Jonny’s work.   The clothing store “Loaded” in Newmarket was ram-raided and got Jonny to capture the moment in a mural painted on the temporary shop front.

Halo has always said the difference between urban art and vandalism is permission

Jonny, as a graffiti artist endorsed Halo’s view but also said he thought it is a lot about maturity.  Disgruntled teenagers are more likely to turn their artistic talents towards something destructive than a more mature person.  With maturity comes the wish to create rather than destroy.  Jonny does his part to channel the destructive to constructive with graffiti art workshops which he’s held throughout the country.

Halo Graffiti Coat is ideal to protect Jonny’s work

Halo Graffiti comes in a matt finish as well as high gloss and satin.  The different sheens of the finish do not affect the coating’s performance.  Often graffiti-covered walls can be cleaned with a readily-available mild house-hold detergent.  If a little more strength is required then Halo’s own water-based graffiti cleaner will do the trick.

It’s important to have a matt finish with large murals so that what is seen is the work of the graffiti artist undistorted with the tricks of light that a shiny finish creates.

The other advantages of Halo Graffiti coat is that it is non-sacrificial and can be cleaned over and over again.  It is also a one-pot system which means there is less chance of error.  We like to tell the story of a rival two-pot system which was seriously under-performing.  A check of the stores found all the Part B unused.  That doesn’t happen with Halo.

To talk to us about Graffiti protection or to find out where works by our graffiti artist are or to try our Green Graffiti cleaner:  contact us here.