Halo’s Enhancer Plus is a nano coating that is a clear winner

Halo’s Enhancer Plus is a star product in the galaxy of our nano coating range.

You can read all about its amazing properties in the website proper – click here.  But it’s impossible to do it full justice in a page.  You need to see it in action, see the results and work with it.

Halo’s Enhancer Plus is a nano coating at the zenith of nano-technology.

It has so many features – sometimes what you need most is speed of drying:  I don’t know of any other product that dries so quickly – 3-5 seconds is impressive.

Sometimes what you need to do is create a patterned floor at the same time as you seal it.  Halo’s Enhancer Plus allows you to do this too.  Check out the colour palette here.

Sometimes you need a fast and efficient sealer.

Sometimes you just need a super water-repellent coating.

And the benefits of all these features to the applicator and the building owner speak for themselves.

Halo’s Enhancer Plus is a nano coating that is water repellentDigital process : PixSolution

The video we posted this week (click here to view it) concentrates on Halo Enhancer Plus’ ability to solve the problem of water soaking into unprotected concrete and straining the supports of the building.   The building concerned is particularly stylish and was the first Green World Leadership building in Parnell, Auckland and is New Zealand’s first 6 green star building.  You can read all about it here and if you are very lucky you could even be a tenant.  It even has a car stacker.  Now how cool is that.  Congratulations to Samson Corporation for another excellent contribution to architecture in New Zealand.  Halo is proud to be part of it.

We never ceased to be amazed by the qualities of Enhancer Plus.  And it is SO easy to apply and SO cost-effective.

Please contact us so we can tell you what Enhancer Plus nano coating can do for your next project.