HALO’s multi purpose sealer is known as Multi Surface

Halo’s multi surface sealer is known simply as multi 

Halo’s waterbased multi purpose sealer which is known as Multi Surface and sometimes Nano 1000 is a favourite here at Halo.  We know you are not supposed to have favourites, I suppose even among sealers, but this one does such a great job on so many different substrates and serves so many useful purposes that we can’t help it.  And it’s in mind today (a glorious Auckland summer day) because the delighted customer who tells us “it’s great stuff” has had our team back to do more of his concrete garden walls.  There is no better testimonial than when someone comes back for more.

Halo Multi purpose sealer: Halo Multi surface Sealer.

Repeat business makes us smile

It makes the man with the calculator smile as well.  And although our multi purpose sealer is a favourite because people keep coming back for more, other products keep them coming back as well.

There’s Metal Coat at Eden Park.  The park management are gradually coating all the rusting stainless steel that hasn’t performed as expected.  So they keep coming back for more.

There’s Graffiti Coat in the Manukau area.  Manukau Beautification keeps coming back for more too.  They had a quiet time over Christmas and the New Year.  But school is back now and so is the graffiti.  It’s such a shame that it’s school children who get their kicks from destroying other people’s property.  One question I have is where they get their paint from.  Responsible paint companies will not sell paint in spray cans to people under 18.  I could suggest some answers but perhaps better not.

And then there’s Halo Anti slip – our other favourite.  And the repeat business with Anti slip just goes on and on.  St John Ambulance has now had anti slip applied at three sites, and so have the Auckland District Health Board.  It tells you something when the most prolific users of the product are in the health providers’ arena.

Multi Surface Sealer

But I digress – Multi surface – it’s invisible and a great protector of heritage buildings.  There is one particular building in Auckland that I have got my eye on and which is an ideal candidate for Halo protection.  Its main entrance way is sheltered and is a favourite sleeping place for rough sleepers.  Unfortunately as a result the entrance is much stained and has a most unpleasant smell.  Think I’ll just have to go to see them.  Watch this space.

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