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Halo’s sealer for concrete amazes builder

Halo’s sealer for Concrete, Halo’s Concrete Coat in gloss, satin or matt finishes has left one of Halo’s building construction clients gobsmacked.

Sealer for concrete gobsmacked builder

This gentleman is new to Halo and was discussing providing our application team with two days to apply Halo’s Concrete Coat on a job he was scheduling.  When told that the team would actually be one person and would only require less than afternoon he said he was gobsmacked.  That’s a good British slang word that means utterly astonished or astounded, extremely surprised or shocked, flabbergasted, speechless or overawed. Flummoxed!

We like it because it was good gobsmacking so to speak.

The performance of Halo’s sealer for concrete is gobsmacking.

It certainly is gobsmacking when you first learn how quickly Halo Concrete Coat is applied.  I’ve mentioned before on this blog how quickly Halo goes down onto a prepared substrate.  We used to say 100 sq m (that’s 1076.4 sq ft) in an hour but our teams are now so adept that it’s more like 3-400 sq m in an hour.  That’s a whopping 4305.60 sq ft.  We don’t know of any other coating with those sorts of statistics.  Halo’s performance makes a huge difference to time-lines on a building job.  It saves time and money for the builder and for the client.  And because a damaged Halo Concrete Coated floor can be repaired it means that Halo doesn’t need to be precious about being last.  Another plus for the stressed builder!

Halo’s other benefits are gobsmacking too

Other benefits include longevity, durability, hardness – Halo coatings have scored 39.11 in Taber testing which means they are harder than granite.  And beauty!  They look lovely.

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