How do you make anti slip signs that work?

Tell us please how to make compelling anti slip signs

We’ve had some fun with our anti slip signs in the last few weeks. Halo has been contracted to coat with anti slip a number of floors of a public car park. What has both amused, bemused and annoyed us is the way that many people will simply ignore the signs that ask them not to park in a certain area. Not only will they ignore them, they’ll actually get out of their cars, move the cone and plastic tape telling them (politely) to keep out and park right where we want to spray.

Banana slippery

Why is it that people ignore requests to not do something?

I did a bit of searching to try to understand the psyche of people who ignore anti slip signs, wet paint signs and so on but couldn’t find much to assist. Maybe I was searching with the wrong key words?

I guess one of the reasons that signs are ignored is simply that, while applying anti slip is important to us and to the organization that contracted us it has no importance at that time to the person looking for a place to put their car. It would have importance if they had been the one to slip or fall but right at that time they don’t care. If it was me, I’d be worried that my car might be towed away or get paint splashed on it.

We had similar experiences with students in a university – you know – bright intelligent people. Anti slip signs, keep off signs and wet paint signs were placed at the entry to a foyer of a building with very slippery floors. We wanted people to keep off the wet floor for two reasons – one was so that the coating itself would have enough time to cure without big footprints in it. The second was that the coating could damage their footwear. We even tried humour to gain attention – “Do not cross this floor or your teeth will turn purple”. Nothing worked. Next morning there were two big footprints in the middle of the floor.

In Britain there are many “Keep off the Grass” signs. They seem to be obeyed. What magic have they got that we haven’t? Is it the same mindset that makes the English such wonderful at queues?

Any ideas will be gratefully received – it’s a genuine and recurring problem for us. Contact us here or fill in the form below: we can still do your anti slip jobs. We’re thinking of hiring a man in a uniform who can glare.

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