Do you know why Halo products are different?

We tell you here why Halo products are different

Why Halo products are different is a question we get asked by designers, by customers, by potential applicators and by potential distributors.   We know why Halo products are different but we asked people who aren’t us what makes Halo different for them.

We asked a designer

She said it’s the speed of application which makes Halo a no-brainer for her.  There is nothing else on the market which allows you to put down two coatings of sealer and one top coat (with or without anti-slip) in one session.  The benefits of the products – durability, performance etc are all important but it’s the time of application that is critical for her.  It can save up to 3 days on a commercial build.  Not only do most coatings require 3 separate days for a flooring application but all the other trades need to stay off site for the time the floor is being done.

Halo goes down so quickly that it can be laid in the evening – so that day’s building work can continue as normal.  It’s dry by the next morning so work carries on.  Sure – neither the concrete coat nor the anti-slip coat are fully cured until 7 days have elapsed but you can still walk on the flooring after 8-10 hours.

Imagine the savings that 3 days means on a build to the builder and the client.  It’s enormous.

Speed of application is her answer – and it looks good too!

Why Halo products are different is shown clearly on this floor

We asked a customer

His answer to the question why Halo products are different is that they are so easy to clean and stay looking good for so long.  The customer is already smiling as the application has been so speedy and looks so good.  But the icing on the cake for the customer is that cleaning is so easy and quick that more time and more money is saved.

Ease of cleaning is his answer.

We asked an applicator

His answer to the question why Halo products are different was also the ease of application.  He said that applying Halo products is unlike any other.  He admitted that he was a bit grumpy about requiring training but was very glad that he’d been made to do it.  He said that he couldn’t believe how different the spray techniques are and how lightly the products touch the substrate.  He said his pricing model had had to change too – if he applied his usual model he would have ended up with an enormous amount of money for very little work.  So he charges less per sq ft or metre (you can apply 100 sq m in an hour), still makes a good income from application but the customer is pleased and Mr Applicator can do more jobs than before.  A win all round!

Speed of application and a good financial return is his answer.

We asked a potential distributor

His answer to the question why Halo products are different was that all the good things about the products are backed by solid science.  Professor Jim Al-Khalili describes nanotechnology as engineering on the molecular scale.  And that’s what Halo is all about.  Professor Jim’s mission is to explain science in a way that can be understood by the ordinary person.  That’s what we try to do on our Science page of this website.  Next week I’ll develop the theme.

So science is his answer.

To learn more about Professor Jim Al-Kahlili click here and to contact us about any of this or to tell us why Halo products are different for you click here.