Metalier Liquid Metal with Halo is a winning combination

Metalier liquid Metal iron protected by Halo Metal Coat 

Metalier Liquid Metal is a great introduction to the Halo range

The association of Metalier Liquid Metal with Halo Surfaces has proved a strength for both product ranges.   And no-one knows that better than we do.  It was because of Metalier that we found Halo.  And as the saying goes – we loved the product so we bought the company.

Metalier liquid metal has been on the world stage since 2005. 

Longevity brings credibility to both Metalier and Halo.  As Metalier dreamers, developers, applicators and marketers, however, there was only one thing the range was missing and that was a quality top-coat or sealer to prevent the Metalier coatings from oxidizing.  We used automotive two-pack clear coats but never found the coating that would provide the protection we needed and allow the natural metal look to shine through.

Enter Halo Metal Coat

Halo Metal Coat solved the problem.  We even used it on iron in a bedroom and a bathroom – the greatest test of iron you could imagine!  Iron in a wet environment and still no rust??  Well that’s what happened and is happening.  The bedroom is an architectural and moody statement in iron that would just not be possible without the protection of Halo Metal Coat.

Metalier Distributors become Halo Distributors too

Just as we came to Halo via Metalier so did our UK distributors, Craig and Alison McDonald of Granlyn.  The new Metalier distributors in Brunei are gearing up to take on Halo too and we are training new distributors from Singapore and Thailand in both products during December.   The association between the two brands has been entirely beneficial.  You can check out more about Metalier liquid metals on our YouTube channel.

We are actively seeking distributors for both Halo and Metalier in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and Latin America and are in active discussions with many enthusiastic parties.  These are exciting times – if you would like to be part of them please contact us soon.