Molecular Coatings from Halo Surfaces protect Concrete and Metal

Halo Surfaces’ coatings are molecular coatings

While Halo’s Metal Coating will protect the metal on your pylon or transmission tower (if you are American) Halo’s molecular coating Concrete Coat, will protect the concrete base of the pylon or transmission tower.

Concrete is not as durable as you think

We tend to think of concrete as being a durable substrate but in fact it’s not.   Over time concrete degrades and “attacks” on the surface from bird and animal waste, acid rain and just good old bad weather will open up the pores of the concrete and accelerate its degradation.  Halo’s molecular coating, Concrete Coating will protect and preserve the Concrete at a molecular level for many years.

Halo Concrete and Metal Molecular Coatings preserve assets

Halo technology is new generation Nano-Matrix™ technology at a molecular level.  At Halo we have moved on from the way traditional coatings are made and now offer a whole new way of protecting assets.  If you would like to know more about the compelling science at the heart of Halo, please check our science page.

Molecular Coatings can also be beautiful

Concrete molecular coatings from Halo Surfaces in a Reception area.

Concrete coat is preserving the floor at a tasteful new fit-out for a barrister or attorney (if you are American).  The brief to the designer was to have an environment that was professional, minimal, yet dynamic with a subtle incorporation of their branding colours.  Concrete floor molecular coating by Halo contributed to the beautiful design that referenced Scandinavian influences with a slightly industrial twist.  To see more than we can show you here you could check out the designer Spacework’s blog or the website of the Barrister here.  He quite rightly is showing off his fit-out.

Concrete molecular coatings feature in the exit area.

Often forgotten – the passage way, the exit, the elevators.  This is one of the best features of this design,

So pylon, transmission tower, lawyer’s, attorneys or barristers’ floors, Halo molecular coatings will preserve them for many years to come.  Contact us to protect your assets too.