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Satisfied Customers praise Multi Surface Sealer

Multi Surface Sealer is one of the jewels in Halo’s rather large crown of jewels.  This has been confirmed again in the last few days by a delighted customer who tells us “it’s great stuff”.  He went on to say that if we hadn’t applied multi surface sealer to his garden wall he would have been overcome by moss and mildew.  And he’s not – he’s got a beautiful clear clean concrete wall.

Halo Multi Surface Sealer

One of the best things about Halo Multi Surface Sealer is that it’s invisible. 

Yes – that’s right.  It is absolutely invisible.  It doesn’t change the look or colour of the substrate.  It doesn’t add sheen or dull it down.  I can’t think of anything else quite like Halo Multi Surface Sealer.  It amuses me that you pay for something you can’t see.  What you can see, however, is the great results that go on and on.

How can Halo do the job and be invisible?

Most sealers sit on the surface of the substrate so you can see them.  And anything on the surface is going to change the look.  Halo’s Multi Surface Sealer penetrates through the substrate and forms a barrier against moisture, stains, mildew and moss which is below the surface.  It’s close enough to the surface to not let any of the “nasties” stick but not close enough to see.  In fact Halo Multi Surface Sealer forms such a repelling barrier than it cannot be used as a sealer under any of the Halo Coatings.  Now that’s strong.

Halo Multi-Surface is easily applied.

It is water-based; it is kind to the environment; it has zero VOCs so you could apply it yourself.  All you do is spray or pour it on to the substrate and then force it in by pushing on a roller until the substrate can take no more.  It may need two coats.  The substrate will tell you if it can take any more.  And when it breaks down – which it will after a time, depending on the environmental conditions – all you do is reapply to the affected areas.  It’s simple as.

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