New Distributors wanted for Halo in New Zealand and other countries too

Halo Campaign for new distributors has begun.

Halo’s campaign for new distributors in New Zealand has begun officially today with an article in the New Zealand Herald.  Unfortunately that section of the Herald isn’t published on-line so you’ll have to rush out and buy the paper for Easter Saturday 19th April 2014.  And it’s well worth reading the article.  Mark Prujean, the broker from ABC entrusted with the campaign, has a very good grasp of the science behind Halo Surfaces’ technology and he explains it very well.  You can call Mark for more information on 027 284 1179.

Halo technical experts show new distributors who easily the products are applied.

New Distributors are wanted for Halo because of the company’s expansion.

Since it began in New Zealand early in 2012, Halo’s horizons have widened considerably.  It is now entrusted by its US inventor with the world-wide marketing of his products under the Halo brand and colours.  To be realistic – something had to give, so the Halo directors decided that their focus should be international marketing and the provision of first-class technical support both in New Zealand and overseas.

Which means that there is a great opportunity for new distributors to come on board

One of the best things about Halo coatings and sealers is that – once you have been taught – they are very easy and quick to apply.  The opportunity will suit all sorts of new distributors.  You don’t need to be a trained spray painter to be able to pick it up.  In fact, if you are already a trained painter you’ll have to do some un-learning.

New distributors are wanted in many countries.

Although we have a campaign going now that is focusing on New Zealand, new distributors are wanted for many countries in the world – we have on-going discussions with parties in Indonesia, India, Korea, Greece, France, Spain and South Africa but until the ink is dry the ink isn’t dry.

If Halo sounds like an opportunity you are interested in you could fill in our Keep Me Posted form on this page or email me.  I also have a telephone number +6493767079.  Love to hear from you.