Non slip Solutions with Halo Surfaces

Non slip solutions have been a focus for this week with the heavens opening over Aotearoa/New Zealand.  The fine weekend has everyone thinking of daffodils and spring.

Another focus this week has been the concept we all know and understand “Time is Money” even if we don’t always put it into practice.  What I have been thinking about too is that non slip solutions are easier if a little planning has gone into them.

Non slip solutions are easier if they are thought about as an integral part of a build.

Think hotel foyers – we saw a beautiful one this week.  It was also very shiny and it was also very slippery.  So we’re going to fix it by applying Halo Concrete Coat.  About 100 sq m is involved so it will take Halo less than 30 minutes to apply the coating to half the floor.  That’s right – less than 30 minutes.  It will dry overnight and be ready to walk on in the morning.  Great job Halo!

But why only half at a time?  Well the hotel is very busy and guests need access to the elevators.  To shut down the hotel for only one night would cost a fortune and is unthinkable.   So Halo’s great job is done in two operations so the hotel can keep running.

If the need for non slip solutions had been addressed at build time think how much money would have been saved!  They did this on the reception floor at Frucor.

Concrete Coat

Optimum non slip solutions are before the floor is laid.

If you specify shiny slipper tiles they are going to be just as treacherous on the floor as they are in the box.  So it is going to be an issue at some stage.  Halo Concrete Coat provides non slip solutions for indoor areas such as foyers and receptions without taking any of the shine away from the substrate.

Think of the savings if the tiles or stone had been coated with Halo non slip solutions before the floor was laid.

There would be no need for masking, no need for call out fees, and no double up on visits.  The whole job would be done off-site even more easily and quickly than an on-site job.  And that’s saying something – it’s amazing on site so off-site is double-amazing.

Contact Halo before you build not after and see just how simple and easy floors with Halo can be.