Prevent slipping and falling | Halo Surfaces

Preventing slipping and falling in commercial kitchens is the responsibility of employers.

Most countries have regulations to eliminate slipping and falling in any business including commercial kitchens.  Restaurants that fail to comply with these requirements can face harsh penalties.

Slipping and falling | Halo Surfaces

So what can employers do to prevent slipping and falling?

  1. Apply Halo Anti slip or Concrete Coat to all floors, particularly in areas where water or oils may be spilled.
  2. Provide two double swing doors with windows at the entrances to the kitchen so that people coming and going can see who is on the other side. Have a rule about keeping to the left (or the right) when going through doorways.
  3. Provide floor or ceiling power access so that cords don’t run along floors – but not in wet areas of course, as this could cause electrocution!
  4. Relay or stretch any bulging carpet.
  5. Make sure there is adequate drainage in wet areas.
  6. Place convex mirrors at blind corners.
  7. Make sure that lighting is adequate particularly in all kitchen and cooking areas.
  8. Replace loose or broken drain covers.
  9. As a double precaution, even when Halo Anti slip has been applied, supply employees with proper anti slip footwear.
  10. Keep walkways and entryways clear of clutter and make sure that they are wide enough to allow people to travel in opposite directions without bumping each other or having to turn aside.

Most of the things that employers can do to prevent slipping and falling are common sense. 

They also make sound business sense too.

If employees slip and fall they are bound to be hurt, possibly having to go home or to see their health professional.  They may even be hospitalized.  They certainly won’t be working and making you money!

An injured worker will at the very least disrupt the flow of service to the restaurant.  They may fall over while carrying half a dozen beautifully prepared meals – they are wasted.  And then there is the red tape!  All those forms!

It really is a no-brainer to ask people to work in unsafe environments where slipping and falling can occur.

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