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Halo’s reputation grows: the experts prevent slips

Halo’s Anti slip’s reputation as the best means to prevent slips is growing.  Halo has repeat business from Health Professionals including St John Ambulance and Auckland City Hospital and from one of the country’s anti slip experts Safety Step.  There is no greater testimonial than repeat business.

Halo Anti slip Coat is one way to prevent slips

Halo’s Anti slip Coat with its slip coefficient of .59 is one sure way to prevent slips in bathrooms and other wet areas.  This is particularly important in rest homes and retirement villages where a fall is likely to cause more significant and long-term harm.

Prevent slips Halo Surfaces

As well as applying Halo there are other things that can be done to help older patients.  These include

  1. Making the shower more accessible.

Make the entry flat or with a very low lip and replace the high showerhead on the wall with a hand-held one.

  1. Installing grab bars

These will help older people to feel secure enough to bathe independently.  Make sure that the bar is designed to support enough weight and has a non slip grip – or apply Halo Anti Slip to the handle.  Halo Anti slip feels like soft sand and is pleasant feeling when touched by feet and hands.

  1. Using liquid soap

You don’t need to worry about a soap bar slipping and slicking the floor and no-one has to bend to pick it up.

  1. Installing a night light

It’s amazing how many accidents can be avoided if there is enough light!

  1. Making sure the water gauge is set to the right temperature

Many older people have diminished heat sensitivity.  This might be caused by illness of medication and means that some people burn more easily.

Contact Halo for Halo Anti slip Coating and all the other amazing coatings in the range and for tips to prevent slips from the anti slip experts.