The Halo product range explained

The Halo nano technology product range is easy to understand

We’ve introduced a number of codes so that the Halo nano technology product range is easy to understand.  The last thing we want is what happens on some coatings sites where the range is so vast and the numbers so confusing that you give up in despair.  Don’t do that with the Halo Product Range – please.  If you need to talk it through when you’ve read this page then please Contact us   for our Product Overview and we’ll sort out your questions.  There are, of course, exceptions to every rule and we’ll set those out too.

The first symbol is SV.  It means solvent.

All the coatings (as opposed to sealers),   in the Halo nano technology product range are solvent.  This is because the level of protection provided by the coatings in the range is simply not available in water-based products.  If anyone tries to tell you otherwise then they are not telling you the truth.  At HQ we’d say they were pulling your leg.

All the solvent products are classified Class III Hazmat or DG which means that they are flammable and need to travel as dangerous cargo.  The plant has shipping hazmat goods down to a fine art and we can help you too.  It’s something to take into account but it’s not an issue.

Coatings included in the category of Solvent Coatings are Anti-slip, Auto-Revive, Concrete, Graffiti, Metal, Quick-clean, Stone, Wood and Tie Coat.  Auto-Revive and Tie-coat are not in the main coating range and have a paragraph of their own below.  Two other products which we’ve called “Coat” as they do provide a “Coat” are Fabric and Glass – they are both water-based.

The second symbol is WB.  It means water-based.

See we said it was easy.  All of the sealers, with the exception of Enhancer Plus are water-based.  Included in the category of water-based sealers are Multi-surface Sealer and Polished Stone Sealer.

And in this category are the two Coats – Fabric and Glass.  Apologies that they’re called Coats but that’s really what they are.

All products, on their Data and SDS sheets and their web-pages have the symbol SV or WB in their name.

The Exception that proves the rule is SV Enhancer Plus

This product is solvent; it is a sealer and it is Class III DG but Class II packing not Class III like everything else.  But SV Enhancer Plus is to our minds at HQ the most versatile and most useful of the Halo Product Range.  It’s most compelling attributes are that it dries in less than 5 minutes and can be used either as a sealer under Anti-slip, Concrete, Graffiti, Quick-Clean and Stone Coat.  It’s the product that enables you to put down two coats of SV Enhancer and one of Concrete or Anti-slip in one session.  This can save up to 3 days on a commercial build.  It’s worth it’s weight in gold.  It can also be coloured.  What’s not to like?

The other exceptions are Auto-revive and Tie Coat.

Auto-revive is a coating but it doesn’t offer the longevity of the main coating range.  Tie Coat is just that.  It ties together two coatings of paint or polyurethane.  Tie Coat is a generic term so thats why we named it what we did.

Confused still – please tell us what isn’t clear.  Contact us here.  

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