Halo Polished-Stone Sealer

Halo Polished Stone Sealer is water based and an almost invisible polished surface sealer

Halo Polished Stone Sealer is a clear and breathable almost invisible polished surface sealer formulated using the principles of Halo Matrix-Nano™ controlled chemical nano technology.  It provides a long-lasting UV-resistant surface that repels water and stains. It is the equivalent of Halo Multi-surface Sealer for polished stone surfaces.

Halo Polished Stone Sealer is easy to apply

To apply Halo’s Polished Stone Sealer all you need is a bucket and a cloth – the bucket is for stirring the sealer before applying it and the cloth is to work the sealer into the substrate.   It couldn’t be simpler. You apply a liberal amount of the sealer to the surface and then keep pushing the sealer into the stone until it will accept no more.   After waiting 10 minutes you apply a second coat, wipe off any excess and buff the surface dry.  The surface will be touch dry in an hour and dried through in 3-5 hours, but you need to make sure that the surface does not get wet for a full 24 hours.   Full cure is in 7 days.


This polished surface sealer is extremely useful in domestic kitchens and bathrooms where you want to give granite, marble and other stones extra protection from moisture and stains.  And, as it’s so easy to apply, it’s one of those jobs that the home handy-man can do.

You almost can’t see it but it will be doing its work.  And if water does begin to wick into the stone, simply apply more Halo Polished Stone Sealer.  There is no need to strip off or abraid the original coat.  Just apply more as you did in the beginning.

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