Halo Antimicrobial Coatings kill 99.4% of microorganisms

Halo’s Bio-S Antimicrobial coatings protect against all the ESKAPE pathogens

Halo’s Bio-S additive to Halo Metal and Concrete gloss coatings adds a silvery sheen.   All performance attributes of the Metal and Concrete coatings remain. They continue to protect from damage by weather, water, oil, mild acids, abrasion and graffiti. Bio-S gives added and unparalleled protection against the ESKAPE pathogens.

The ESKAPE pathogens are responsible for most HAI in first-world countries

HAI (Hospital-Acquired-Infections) are the scourge of hospitals throughout first-world countries. The ESKAPE pathogens are the most common cause of these infections.

ESKAPE is an acronym for the six pathogens:
Enterococcus faecium
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Acinetobacter baumannii
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Enterobacter cloacae

Halo Bio-S Antimicrobial Coatings have a 99.9% success rate

Halo’s Bio-S Antimicrobial Coating has been laboratory-tested in 2021 to prove that it kills 99.% of the dangerous and deadly microorganisms that make up the ESKAPE pathogens.  Contact us for your copy of the laboratory report.

Halo Bio-S remains active for the life of the coating

All Halo coatings are durable, UV stable, peel and flake resistant and extend the life of the substrate. They last longer than traditional coatings so the protection of Bio-S lasts longer too.

Halo Bio-S Antimicrobial coating is the treatment of choice because it is a fine-film coating. The dry spread rate is between 17-45 microns that is up to 0.045 mm. The fineness of the coating means a greater area for the Bio-S ingredient to do its work.

Use Halo Bio-S Antimicrobial:

In hospital theatres, sluice rooms, kitchens and all surfaces in patients’ bathrooms

In restaurant and hotel kitchens

In kindergartens and day-care centres

In veterinary surgeries

In public buildings of all kinds

Halo Bio-S adds to the protective qualities of the Halo range

Halo’s antimicrobial coatings have added protection.  They all still retain the qualities of the original coatings:

They meet high air quality standards and contain no known carcinogens.

They have less than 100g/L VOCs.

They do not require harmful isocyanates to cure – they catalyse using moisture in the oxygen.

Halo’s Nano-Ceramic technology means that the coatings are very thin.  So there is more surface contact with the substrate and a superior protective barrier.

The result is greater adhesion to the substrate as the cross-linking bonding to the substrate results from the high cross-link density within the material itself.

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    Halo antimicrobial coatings have a 99.4% kill rate over the life of the coating.