Halo Concrete coating protects, preserves and enhances concrete and masonry surfaces

Halo Concrete Coating is a very thin protective coat

Use it on concrete walls and structures, floors, masonry pavers, bricks and cement blocks.  Use it on masonry, poured concrete, concrete counter-tops, composition tiles and brick.

Halo Concrete Coating protects against weather, water, oil, mild acids, abrasion and graffiti 

Halo Concrete is durable, UV stable, peel and flake resistant and extends the life of concrete surfaces.  It scored 39.11 in Taber Abrasive Tests so its tougher than granite.

Halo provides a complete flooring system with Halo Enhancer Plus and Halo Concrete Coating

Halo Enhancer Plus is a super-fast-drying sealer which can be used as a sealer in its own right (when a coating is not desired or required).   It can also be used as a sealer under Halo Concrete Coating.  Because the sealer dries so fast, you can seal and coat a floor in one day.   This means less down-time and lower labour costs.  Check our Enhancer Plus page for details of this sealer and enhancer which can also be coloured and used to create patterns.

Halo concrete can also be applied in an anti-slip version.

Halo Concrete Coating is cost effective

As well as offering superior protection Halo Concrete Coating is surprisingly cost-effective.

  • The coating is applied so thinly so  the coverage per litre is greater than with traditional coatings
  • Trained Halo applicators can apply 100 square metres per hour so it goes down more quickly than traditional coatings
  • This keeps labour costs down relative to alternative coatings
  • It requires less maintenance
  • It is easy to clean and lasts longer than traditional concrete coatings
  • No need to use harsh and abrasive cleaners so save money and the planet
  • Re-application time is longer
  • The longer protection offers a significant return on investment

Halo Concrete Coat is sensitive to the environment

Halo Concrete meets high air quality standards and contains no known carcinogens.

It has less than 100g/L VOCs.

It does not require harmful isocyanates to cure – it catalyses using moisture in the oxygen

Halo’s Matrix-Nano™ nanotechnology means that the coating is very thin.  So there is more surface contact with the substrate and a superior protective barrier.

The result is greater adhesion to the substrate as the cross-linking bonding to the substrate results from the high cross-link density within the material itself.

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