Halo Fabric - protect fabric from sun, from fading, and from uv and water damage

** Currently unavailable as it is being reformulated.  Contact us if you wish to be advised when product is again available.

Halo Fabric Coat is a fabric protector from most of the damage that can be caused by the sun and by moisture.

With Halo Fabric you can protect work boots and gloves, and furniture and upholstery

Halo fabric protector allows a fine invisible film to be applied that will protect fabric from moisture and put up a barrier against the sun and its harsh rays that cause fading and deterioration.

Halo’s Matrix-Nano™ nanotechnology is designed to void the effects of solar radiation.  Fabrics are one of the most vulnerable substrates.

Halo Fabric is in two formulations – for polyester and cotton and for leather

Apply Halo Fabric to soft furnishings in the home to protect fabric and prevent damage to sofas, couches, and covered dining chairs.

Apply Halo Fabric to work boots and gloves to protect them from moisture, dirt, oil and grease.  Halo Fabric contributes to the bottom line – you will save money as you will not need to replace these items so frequently.

Use Halo Fabric on your car upholstery to protect the fabric from the rough treatment car interiors often receive.  Use it on the upholstery of trucks and construction vehicles and in trains and buses for greater wear and longevity.

In the office Halo Fabric is a fabric protector on office and boardroom chairs.

Halo Fabric is sensitive to the environment

It has low VOCs and is formulated using Halo’s Matrix-Nano™ nano technology.

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Halo Fabric Coat protects work boots and gloves.