Halo Glass is designed to protect glass in all areas - domestic, commercial and industrial

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Halo Glass -Hydrophobic (beads) and Hydrophilic (sheets) is glass protection in almost every situation.

Halo Glass – Hydrophobic  can be used for glass protection as a standard-alone product or a barrier coat.  Use it when you want water on glass to bead up.  It reduces soap scum in showers and bathrooms, keeps windows cleaner for longer and protects against scratches and the effects of hard water.

Halo Glass – Hydrophilic is used as glass protection when you want water to sheet off.

Halo Glass – Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic and Halo Glass Conditioner are water-based products with zero VOCs.

The ideal glass protection is to use Glass-Hydrophobic and Glass-Hydrophilic together.

Halo Glass-Hydrophobic will last between 6-12 months before it needs to be reapplied.  It can be used as a foundation for Halo Glass-Hydrophilic.  Both products are easy and quick to apply with a soft cloth.  The Glass- Hydrophilic applied over Glass- Hydrophobic will protect glass with a topcoat that lasts 1-2 months.  The benefit of applying Glass-Hydrophilic as a topcoat is that it provides additional cleaning properties over and above those of Glass Hydrophobic without making an impact on the barrier coat.   The Glass system is maintained using Halo Glass Conditioner.

Halo Glass Protection reduces cleaning times.

The Halo Glass system – Glass-Hydrophobic followed by Glass-Hydrophilic and then maintained with Glass Conditioner has been found to significantly reduce cleaning times.  While this is good for the housewife, it is of huge benefit in commercial applications such as hotels and motels where significant cost savings can be made.

Halo Glass is also of benefit to industry

The Halo Glass system can be used to protect glass in commercial offices, skyscraper exteriors, on windows in buses, trains and commercial vehicles, on industrial machinery – in cabs on cranes and straddles, on construction sites and on wharves.  In each case the solution is fast and cost-effective.  Halo even recommends that before you apply Halo Glass that you clean the surface with newspaper.  We always knew that newspaper was the best glass cleaner!

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Halo Glass Products have Zero VOCs.