Halo Anti Graffiti Coating protects property against vandalism

Halo’s Anti-Graffiti Coating, because it is so very easy to clean, is the ideal product to discourage taggers.

Use it on metal, stucco, concrete, wood, brick, painted surfaces and silicone-free plastic.

It’s ideal for signs.

Halo’s Anti-Graffiti Coating can be cleaned many times with a safe non-toxic cleaner.  The substrate won’t be damaged by repeated cleaning and the coating will last for many years and through repeated cleans. Halo Anti-Graffiti allows rapid easy removal of marker pen and spray paint time after time without damaging the protected surface.

So why choose Halo Anti-Graffiti Coating?

  • It’s one pot so easy to apply
  • It’s cost-effective
  • It lasts for multiple cleans and many years
  • It can be easily cleaned with a safe non-toxic cleaner
  • There is no need for costly re-painting (often with the colour just not quite right!)
  • Save on call-out fees

Graffiti should be removed as soon as possible.

All the best research indicates that this is vital for two reasons.  It discourages the taggers as their “art” is either not seen at all or for only a short time.   It also gives a strong message that people care about their properties and their communities. As Malcolm Gladwell in \”The Tipping Point\” demonstrated in New York City, if a community cares about itself the number of crimes committed (including graffiti vandalism) reduces.

Coatings from Halo Surfaces are sensitive to the environment

Halo Anti-Graffiti Coating meets high air quality standards and contains no known carcinogens.

It has less than 100g/L VOCs.

It does not require harmful isocyanates to cure – it catalyses using moisture in the oxygen

Halo’s Nano-Ceramic nanotechnology means that the coating is very thin so there is more surface contact with the substrate and a superior protective barrier.

The result is greater adhesion to the substrate as the cross-linking bonding to the substrate results from the high cross-link density within the material itself.

Contact us for a Data Sheet and SDS to find out about ourAnti-Graffiti Coat. We’ll also give you Graffiti Cleaner recommendations.

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