Halo Metal Polish: made with beeswax

Halo Metal Polish is made in New Zealand

Halo Metal Polish is for those occasions when you want to protect and preserve metal but are not able to use a coating.  Or perhaps you want the metal to slowly and gently oxidise over time.

Halo Metal Polish is ideal for those occasions.

Halo Metal polish is made with beeswax

You can’t mistake that wonderful smell.  But we’ve added a lot of lovely extras so that your metal polish is beeswax with a difference.  And it’s made in clean green New Zealand from New Zealand bees who live on manuka and other native plants.

Not a nano coating, Halo metal polish is nevertheless effective and cost-effective as you use such a tiny amount.  That’s why we couldn’t resist including it in our Halo range.

The Sugar Club Dining Room - Metalier with Halo metal polish

Halo Metal polish was used in The Sugar Club

Halo Metal polish was used recently in the fit-out of The Sugar Club, Peter Gordon’s new restaurant in the Shy Tower in Auckland City.  Peter’s vision for the design required the use of brass in a number of iterations – sheet brass, beaten brass napkin rings and Metalier Brass on the walls and shelving.  It was part of the plan that the brass in the fit-out would look “bling” sometimes and mellow on others.  Halo Metal Coat would have defeated Peter’s wish for the walls to mellow down and oxidise very slowly.  I think you will agree that the fit-out achieves all Peter could wish for.  And the food is to die for – especially the dessert with green chocolate, celery sorbet and crystallised olives.  It sounds odd but believe me, it’s wonderful.

You can find out more about Metalier Coatings here, about The Sugar Club here and you can contact us for more information about Metal polish or what we had to eat when we went to Dine by clicking here.