Halo Multi-surface Sealer is an invisible water based sealer for heritage buildings and for paths and walkways

Halo Multipurpose invisible water-based sealer is a strong and long-lasting sealer that repels water, stains and mould.  It can be used on almost any substrate.

Halo’s Multipurpose is an invisible Water Based Sealer.

Use Halo Multi-surface water-based sealer on concrete, slate, unmodified grout, brick, tile and on natural and artificial stone. It will not change the appearance of the surface to which it is applied. That is why it is an ideal solution for historic and heritage buildings.  Most importantly, it does not leave any harmful build-up or residue within the fabric of the building.  Buildings that have already stood the test of time and are fighting the effects of modern pollution will have secure futures.

Halo Multipurpose Sealer is breathable and high-performance.

The Nano-Ceramic nanotechnology behind this water-based sealer makes it completely different from other penetrating sealers.   This means simply that Halo’s Multipurpose Sealer creates a superior barrier against moisture.  And you can’t see it working.  You just know it does.  In fact, it’s so discrete that you need to keep a watch when applying it that you don’t lose your place.

Halo Multipurpose Sealer is clean and green and sensitive to the environment

Halo Multipurpose water-based sealer has zero VOCs and contains no known carcinogens. Its use will not harm pets or plants.  Halo is very easy to apply, will not leave roller marks or be marked by footprints.  All you need to do is to spray or pour it onto the surface and then force the product into the substrate with a roller until it won’t take any more.  It is dry in 15 minutes.

Why choose Halo Multipurpose Sealer?

  • You can’t see it, so it is ideal for heritage and historic monuments, buildings & walls
  • It leaves no residue within the building fabric
  • It is green and safe
  • It is cost-effective
  • It can be used on paths and in gardens without damaging plants
  • Its application won’t harm pets
  • It lasts longer than traditional sealers

Halo Multipurpose Sealer is Nano-Ceramic technology at its most invisible.

Watch our Halo Multipurpose Video here.

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