Halo Quick Clean makes cleaning quick and easy - commercially & at home

The cleaning needs to be done – it’s better and faster with Halo Quick Clean, the easy clean coating.

Halo’s Quick Clean is a thin non-sacrificial easy clean coating to protect tiles, concrete and painted surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.  It can be used in homes, offices, in the factory and in hotels and motels.

Halo Glass products protect the glass in these areas.  Halo Quick Clean protects all the other surfaces.

Halo Quick Clean will make kitchens and bathrooms gleam

Cleaning is one of those jobs that just have to be done.  And not only does it have to be done, it has to be done again over and over.  And if it’s tedious doing it once then imagine how tedious it is doing it many times.  Halo Quick Clean, the easy clean coating, makes the job so much easier and quicker and produces such a great result.  So it contributes to staff morale and pride in their work.

Happy staff means a more productive work place.  And management can smile too as the work is done so much faster that significant savings can be made, particularly in large enterprises such as hotels.

As with all Halo products, application is quick and easy.

Halo Quick Clean is best sprayed on, but can be rolled or brushed.  As well as providing a non-sacrificial coating to aid cleaning, Halo Quick Clean also protects the substrate so it lasts for longer.  No harsh abrasive chemicals need to be sued to keep kitchens and bathrooms at their pristine best – another way in which Halo products are sensitive to the environment.

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Halo Quick Clean means you do not need to use harsh abrasive cleaners.