Halo Tie Coat primer means no more sanding or mechanical sanding

You read that right – Halo Tie Coat primer means no more sanding and no more mechanical abrasion!

The implications of this statement are far-reaching for house painters, polyurethane applicators, car-painters and for industry.  Sanding is tedious, time-consuming and messy.  It is also expensive.  Just think of all the consumables – all those sanding disks.

Halo Tie Coat’s no more sanding promise applies to almost any substrate

Here are some of them – painted or unpainted iron, aluminium, copper and other metals, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, powder-coated and galvanized surfaces, wood, rubber, plastic, fibreglass and glass.

Halo Tie Coat primer is a good choice for commerce and industry, saving time and money.

Halo Tie Coat is very fast-drying and sensitive to the environment

Halo Tie Coat primer is a very fine adhesion-promoter formulated using the principles of Halo’s exclusive and proprietary Matrix-Nano ™ nano technology.  It is a semi-gloss green solvent coating with less than 20g/L VOCs.  It relies on oxygen and the air to cure and does not use harmful isocyanates.

Like all Halo’s coatings it is formulated using the USA EPA’s 12 steps of Green Chemistry.

Halo Tie Coat primer also measures as being carginogen free as defined by California legislation.

Halo Tie Coat saves the cost of sanding consumables and is a dust-free solution

As well as it’s green formulation Halo Tie Coat makes other contributions to the environment.  Much less, if any, dust is created when layers of paint and other materials are bonded together.  It means that less waste is created and less is destined for the refuse centres – no more sanding discs to pay for and discard.    

Contact us for a Data Sheet and SDS and to ban sanding from your life!

Halo Tie Coat has less than 20g/L VOCs.