Halo Vinyl protects and preserves floors that would otherwise be waxed

Halo Vinyl floor coating means that vinyl flooring is no longer expensive to maintain.

Most vinyl flooring is in public buildings – hospitals, schools, malls and big warehouses.  So vinyl floors are large and they get a hard life.  It is a constant battle against dirt, scuff marks and stains. Halo Vinyl Coat is a revolutionary new way to get around this ongoing problem.

Halo Vinyl Coating is applied over waxed floors

This Halo product is a strong vinyl floor coating designed to be applied to flooring that has already been waxed.  This means that you do not need to strip it of wax before you apply Halo Vinyl.   This is where the savings begin. But is is only the beginning. There is more.

Halo Vinyl’s hard glossy barrier coat protects the vinyl flooring from stains, scuff marks, traffic wear and tear and abrasion.  Floors coated with Halo Vinyl are much easier and quicker to clean than waxed floors so there are more savings to be made here as well.

Halo Vinyl floor coating also prolongs the life of the vinyl flooring. There is no more waxing. It really is a no-brainer.

Hospitals, schools and public buildings will benefit from Halo Vinyl

Hospitals and schools are not only frequently short of money they have better things to spend their money on – health and education, for example.  And because most hospitals and schools are large, the relative savings that can be made are significant.  In both hospitals and schools, cleanliness is particularly important and Halo Vinyl floor coating ensures that this essential is cost-effective and easy.  Just mop it clean.

Halo Vinyl is a good return on investment

Building owners, Government Agencies and Services will all benefit from using Halo Vinyl floor coating: it is cost-effective to apply, easy to maintain and the vinyl flooring it protects has a longer life.

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Halo's green technology means Halo Vinyl is suitable for use in hospitals and schools.