Quick Seal and Enhance – the manufacturer’s name for Enhancer Plus


Quick Seal and Enhance accurately describes the attributes of Halo’s Enhancer Plus

So why did Halo change Quick Seal and Enhance to Enhancer Plus?  That’s a very good question and I’m not sure that I am 100% clear on that myself.  I guess Enhancer Plus is less of a mouthful than Quick Seal and Enhance and it gives a clue, if a little less obviously, about what it does.

Quick Seal and Enhance or Enhancer Plus

Whatever you call it – this product is my favourite (so far!) of the Halo Range.

Enhancer Plus


It is so easy to apply.

It’s fast to apply!

It flashes off in less than 5 minutes

It actually does quick seal and enhance!

You can add colour.

It can be a finish in its own right.

It can be a very quick sealer for Halo Concrete, Halo Anti-slip and Halo Graffiti.

It protects against moisture, food stains and acids.

It’s solvent but the good sort – less than 100gms per litre VOCs.

Read more about this amazing coating on its very own Enhancer Plus page.

Quick Seal and Enhance – Enhancer Plus

I can imagine the scenario – the restaurant is about to open.  100’s of celebrity guests are arriving.  The workers have got behind time and the floor hasn’t been sealed.

Enter Halo with its Enhancer Plus, a man and a spray pump.  The restaurant is 100 sq metres or 1000 sq ft – two hours later, the floor has received two coats of sealer, has flashed off and is dry to walk on.

Halo is invited to take a glass of champagne with the grateful owners.  We say yes because we’ve stopped working.  Maybe that’s why I like the product so much – I must remember to invite myself along for the next job.

The benefits of Halo Enhancer Plus are many – contact us to buy, try or become a distributor.  They are popping up everywhere – we like it.