Save water with Halo Concrete Coat

Halo’s new Waikato Distributor is on a mission to save water

Halo is delighted to welcome aboard its new distributors in the mighty Waikato – Mark and Leanne Prujean.  They can be contacted through either of our 0800 numbers 0800 626611 or 0800 Anti slip and, as soon as they set it up by email Waikato@halosurfaces.co.nz.

Save water with Halo Concrete Coat

Water is a big expense for farmers

Farmers, particularly dairy farmers, says Mark, are extremely keen to save water.  And in order to keep our rivers and streams clear of effluent, farmers have to ensure that all water is treated before it can be discharged.  Farmers pay for water as it comes onto their properties and after treating it they pay for it as it goes out.  Apart from water for stock to drink most water is used in keeping cowsheds clean and sluicing away the inevitable bovine discharges that occur.  (I hope you appreciated my attempts at modesty and discretion.)

Halo can help famers save water

Halo’s nano-particle-sized Concrete Coat on a concrete cowshed floor will make the surface much smoother and so much easier to clean.  The bovine discharges will be able to be discharged into the treatment ponds using far less water than otherwise.  It’s a no-brainer really when you think about it.  It will save money at both ends of the water chain – coming in and going out.

And even old cowsheds that have rough and pitted surfaces will still benefit from Halo Concrete Coat.  The coating will help to seal off even the bad bits of the old floor, will give it a new lease of life and will give the concrete greater longevity.

Save water and save the concrete

And if saving water costs was not enough – Halo will also protect the concrete and ensure it has greater longevity even giving the punishing conditions in the cow shed.  Concrete Coat (and all Halo’s coatings actually) are designed to protect against acids – perfect.

We’re very excited about this new use for Halo – we’ve got some more ideas for the farmyard too so watch this space.  And if you can’t wait for the next blog to find out you can

contact us or Mark to find out.  It’s an ecological contribution that we’re very proud of.