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Halo Graffiti Coat for Sign Protection

Halo Graffiti Coat is particularly formulated for sign protection.  It not only protects signs from graffiti, it also protects them from damage by the sun caused by ultra violet rays.

Halo offers sign protection for most materials

Halo Graffiti Coat will protect the materials traditionally used in sign-making – wood and metal for example.  It will also protect smooth concrete and painted surfaces.  Perhaps best of all, it can be applied to plastic and vinyl signs that are to be rolled.  This is a very important feature of Halo Graffiti.  It seems these days that most signs are made with plastic and vinyl.  Given the amazing technology available these days with photography and digital printing it is hardly surprising.  The inks in these processes can be very sensitive so it is important that the coating is sprayed on the sign when it is horizontal.  Best to do it then before the sign is erected!

Halo Grafitti protects rusted signs

If that sounds like an oxymoron to you we are not surprised.  Halo’s Graffiti and Metal Coats are used by Metalier Coatings to protect signage made of Metalier’s rusted and other finishes.  They even won a material award for the sign pictured below.  In this example the sign was erected at street level so the protection from Halo was multi-layered.  It protects the sign from graffiti and lengthened its life.  It also protected the rust from people touching it and stops the rust from getting on people’s clothes.  Yet Halo preserves the character of the rust underneath.  A little miracle you might say.

Halo Sign Protection

Halo offers long term sign protection

Sometimes all that is required is protection from ultra violet rays.   There are many signs which are erected so high that not even the most intrepid graffiti vandal can get to them.  Halo Graffiti still adds massive value.  Imagine the savings if your signage didn’t start to break down and fade until years later rather than months.

Worth thinking about!

We’re thinking about it right now too so contact us for a quote or for how to bring Halo to your region or town if we aren’t there yet.