Slip Coefficient Requirements Halo Surfaces

Halo’s slip coefficient coatings meet code requirements

The slip coefficient of friction (COF) is a quantitative number which can be used to express the degree of slip resistance of a floor surface.  Flooring systems used on industrial, commercial and residential floors should provide a safe walking surface when they’re dry and especially when they’re wet.

Halo has a specialist Anti-slip Coat which has achieved a .59 average score against an NZ Building Code requirement of .4.  This is when the coating is wet.  So Halo Anti slip scores highly in a slip coefficient wet pendulum test.

Halo’s other coatings also have code compliant slip coefficient ratings

All of Halo’s Coating products, whether for metal, concrete, wood or stone are from the same stable and all have code compliant slip coefficient ratings.  Halo Concrete Coat has tested .42 in wet pendulum testing.  Halo coatings barely alter the look of the substrate so if that is important and the area in question is not especially treacherous then a regular coating rather than the specialist anti slip may be all that is required.

Floor slip resistance testing is a science in itself

It is the science of measuring the coefficient of friction (or resistance to slip accidents) of flooring systems.  There are various testing methods and we’re pleased to assure you that the wet pendulum slip resistance tester used by Halo is now a national standard for pedestrian slip resistance in 49 countries on five continents and has been endorsed by Ceramic Tile Institute of America since 2001.

Halo is very serious about science and safety

Too many people die and are seriously injured by slipping incidents and accidents.  We want to ensure that as many accidents as possible are avoided.  That’s why Halo’s anti slip solutions are available across the board at such reasonable pricing.  It makes sense to choose Halo.  And if all floors were not slippery those of us who are fond of wearing silly shoes could do so safely.  Couldn’t we?

Halo anti slip coating.wear Louboutin safely

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