Slip prevention with Halo Surfaces

Halo Surfaces are slip prevention experts

Halo Surfaces both internationally and at HQ in New Zealand are slip prevention experts.  Halo’s Anti slip is unrivalled in performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.  It achieves this without damaging the substrate as etching does and it’s very discrete.

Slip prevention is vital to safety

The statistics round slipping are chilling.  Many days work is lost through accidents that could have been prevented.   Injuries from slipping are a major cause of hospital admission.  When you quantify the cost of lost work and of hospitalization for injury it becomes compelling to do something about it.  It’s an innocent little word “slip”. Alternative definition include to lose one’s footing and slide unintentionally for a short distance.  It means to slide, skid, slither, glide, to stumble, tumble and trip.  The consequences of slipping, however, are far from innocent.

slip prevention Halo Surfaces

Even more on point for Halo but not quite what the author intended, the Urban Dictionary gives a meaning to slipping as “Messing around, not paying attention to important details”.

Slip prevention action is one of those important details

In New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere we sloping down through autumn to winter.  A cold snap with snow and lots of rain has turned the mind to warm clothes, fires and going out in the rain. It’s an excellent time to make sure that your employees, family, the general public are protection from slipping accidents.

In the Northern Hemisphere where you are coming out of winter to spring and summer, it’s an excellent time to resolve to fix your slipping problems before the next wet season.

Given the cost of slipping to the employer and to the public purse, let alone the personal suffering and pain involved, taking slip prevention action with Halo makes a whole lot of sense.  You’ll save money overall.

Contact us or our distributors round the world to put your slip prevention plan into action.