Slippery tiles solutions from Halo

Do you have a problem with slippery tiles?

Ceramic tiles are a cost-effective and beautiful way to line the walls and floors of wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. The Fornasetti ranges of tiles are one of our favourites.

Anti-slip Slippery tiles

Tiles are also great to use as bench surfaces and splash-backs as they withstand heat. The one downside is that tiles can be extremely slippery and dangerous, particularly when wet.

Halo has two solutions to the problem of slippery tiles

The first is Halo Concrete Coat. Halo Concrete coat comes in three levels of gloss: high gloss, satin and matt. Halo Concrete Coat in a high gloss applied to slippery tiles allows the tile to retain its gloss but adds an invisible nano-thick anti-slip grip to it. Halo Concrete Coat has a slip co-efficient of .42 in most circumstances which means that it’s code compliant and solves the problem of slipping and tripping in wet areas.

The three levels of gloss means that Halo Concrete Coat will retain the original gloss of the tiles. Even satin and matt tiles can be slippery.

The second solution to the problem of slippery tiles is Halo’s Antislip Coat. Halo Antislip contains tiny glass beads that feel like beach sand to bare feet. It too is a clear nano-thick coating and the beads are clear too. Halo’s Antislip is very discreet and invisible on most tiles.  The beads refract light at different angles so can be seen on plain dark colours. They have a slip co-efficient of .59 so can really solve the most difficult slippery tiles problems.

Sometimes slippery tiles are exactly what is required.

Halo’s Quick Clean applied to wall tiles in domestic and commercial bathrooms will significantly speed up cleaning times. Halo Quick Clean, which contains a slip agent, applies a fine film to tiles and unmodified grout which is much easier to clean. All this adds to the bottom line for commercial operations.

To find out how Halo can solve your problems with slippery tiles contact us by email or complete the form below. You can also telephone us in NZ on 0800 ANTISLIP.

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