Slipping in the kitchen | Halo Surfaces

Slipping in the kitchen is a particular hazard of commercial kitchens

Grease and water on the floor or a mat with an upturned corner are potential hazards to cause slipping in the kitchen.

Applying Halo Anti slip coating to the floors will mean that mats will not be required.  It will also mean that there will be surface traction even when the floor is greasy and wet.

Managers and employees should both be taking some action to prevent slipping in the kitchen.

Here are some things that Employees can do to protect themselves and minimise the risk of slipping in the kitchen or out in the restaurant floor.

  1. Wear non-slip water-proof shoes.
  2. Clean-up spills at once.
  3. Don’t run in the kitchen or the restaurant.
  4. Store all products properly so there is no clutter to trip people up.
  5. Keep an eye on the weather. Wear the right clothing when unloading supplies.
  6. If you are in a very cold area with danger of icing – use Halo Anti slip and de-icing products.
  7. If you are carrying a stack of items – make sure you can see over the top.
  8. Make sure that rugs and mats are in their proper places and that all the corners or edges lie flat. Or – better still – make sure your employer has Halo Anti slip applied to the floors.

Maybe we should add – don’t try to be a waiter on ice!

Slipping in the kitchen | Halo Surfaces

Next week we’ll tell you the steps that Employers can take to protect Employees!

It is all very much about taking the proper precautions, being sensible and using common sense – listening to Halo the anti slip experts and applying Halo Anti slip or Halo Concrete Coat as appropriate.

Not sure which product is right for your application?  Contact Halo, the anti slip experts, for sound and helpful advice.