Slipping on Wet Surfaces: Halo Anti slip

Halo Anti slip solves the problem of slipping on wet surfaces.

Slipping on Wet Surfaces is only one of the reasons why people slip and fall.  Other reasons include dry or dusty floor contamination, obstructions and uneven surfaces.  There are often other influencers such as poor lighting or glare.  Also people rush, carry heavy or cumbersome things or wear the wrong shoes.  Although, at Halo our mission is to teach and preach safety, the area that Halo excels in is preventing slipping on wet surfaces.  Halo Anti slip is a world-leading discrete Anti Slip which exceeds all international slip coefficient standards for wet surfaces.

So why do people slip?

The cerebellum is the part of the brain that controls and coordinates voluntary movements such as posture, balance, coordination, speech and motor movements.  Walking is a very complex physical activity but once learned it is performed without conscious thought.  However, if the surface is damaged or wet, or there is an unobserved hazard or simply a moment of inattention, the whole “blended, graded and coordinated” pattern of walking can be disrupted and a fall may follow.

People consciously or unconsciously alter their walking styles to fit the terrain or their perception of slipperiness.  If the level of slipperiness changes without a person being aware of it, they won’t alter their gait and this can cause a slip.  In fact “aware” is a key word.  People can walk on surfaces that are more slippery than ice if they know of the hazard.  Most slip and fall incidents occur when people walk on a floor they assume is dry.

Catering accidents - slipping on wet surfaces

Halo Anti slip minimises slipping on wet surfaces

Applying Halo Anti slip to areas that are slippery when wet means falls are far less likely to occur.  Even if there is inattention the added slip coefficient of Halo Anti slip performs as a “slipping brake” and prevents a fall.

In the UK in the catering industry, slips account for 86% of the total of slips and trips injuries.  In 90% of cases the floor is wet.

It makes using Halo Anti slip even more compelling.  To keep your employees safe contact us now or complete the form below.

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