Strong Protective coating | Halo Surfaces

The strength of the Halo protective coating range is its science

Halo manufactures a protective coating for almost all surfaces and across many sectors.  Halo’s protective coating range is an extremely strong protection for surfaces.  It is so strong because of its unique science.

Our claim to the strength of the Halo protective coating range is because in its formulation the usual ratio between organic polymers and inorganic oxides has been reversed.  Halo’s protective coating range contains a much greater percentage of inorganic oxides than other coatings.  It is the lattice structure of the inorganic oxides that provides strength, hardness durability and UV resistance.

Stong protective coating

And don’t be fooled by the claims of some that water-based products are all you need.  It is simply not true.  Nothing beats the strength of the nano-based solvent coating and nothing beats Halo because of its unique reversal of its components.

Halo’s protective coating range protects most surfaces

Concrete, metal, wood, stone, painted surfaces, vinyl, plastic, ceramic tiles and more.  It provides extreme weathering resistance and UV protection and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain.  Halo stars in every sector – construction and architecture, transport and automotive.  It also provides unparalleled graffiti protection.

Halo’s protective coating range will preserve your assets and protect your investment for many years.  Just think of the savings in the automotive field as an example.  Halo Metal Coat will protect construction vehicles from scratching and rusting.  Trucks, diggers, cranes will all benefit from a single application of Halo Metal Coat.  Even stainless steel benefits from Halo protection.  Rolling stock, engines, busses, long-haulage trucks and trams will last longer and will require less maintenance.  Halo will extend the life of all heavy machinery ensuring a better bottom line in all aspects of industry.

And the beauty of Halo is that it is cost-effective and fast to apply.  We will teach your maintenance crew how to apply Halo’s amazing coatings so you can save even more.  Contact us now to learn how.