The Anti-Graffiti war gets a boost with Halo Graffiti Coat

Halo’s Anti-graffiti product helps a charitable Trust wage war on graffiti

Halo’s Anti-graffiti product, which we’ve called simply Halo Graffiti Coat was praised this week by one of our favourite customers, Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust.  Their monthly order was about triple its usual size.  So naturally we asked the question – why?  The answer was music to our ears.

Halo’s Anti-graffiti product is the only anti-graffiti product now used by the Trust

Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust’s charter is to beautify the living environment with and through community involvement.  We can’t say it better than they can.  The homepage of the Trust’s website spells this out.  And Halo Surfaces is proud to be associated with it.

Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust at work

Anti-graffiti programmes assist with more than just cleaning up graffiti.

Graffiti is a social problem as well as a property protection issue.  Sometimes people can be confused about whether graffiti is urban art or vandalism.  The key issue is permission.  If you have permission then it is urban art and if you do not – no matter how beautiful the work or how talented the artist – then it is vandalism.

Cleaning up graffiti promptly and efficiently disappoints taggers and ensures that their work is either not seen or seen by few.  Malcolm Gladwell in his fantastic book The Tipping Point says it all – the book is riveting reading and thoroughly recommended.

Halo’s Anti- graffiti coat ticks all the boxes

It is one-pot so less chance of mistakes (one company’s product kept sliding off the substrate until someone opened the cupboard and found all the unused second pots!):  it is very cost-effective and it is very very effective.  It can be cleaned over and over again using Halo’s Green Graffiti Remover, which we supply too J J.  It leaves no shadows, the coating is non-sacrificial.  It is easy to apply.  We can’t think of any reason to choose anything other than Halo Graffiti coat and Halo Green Graffiti Remover.

Contact us so we can tell you how Halo’s anti-graffiti coating can solve your graffiti problems.