Tips to prevent slipping from Halo Surfaces

How to prevent slipping

Before we tell you how to prevent slipping may we remind you how many deaths and injuries are caused by it.  In NZ 45 people each year die as a result of slipping.  In the US 15% of all accidental deaths are as a result of slipping.  Slipping also is the cause of 25% of all reported injury claims each year.  And more than 95 million work days a year are lost because of the failure to prevent slipping.  These are mind-boggling statistics.

Prevent Slipping Anti slip


Here are some steps to take to prevent slipping in the workplace.

  1. Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping and safety go together.  If your workplace is clean and well-organized it is an indication that your safety programme is effective too.  Good housekeeping means having a routine and sticking to it.

  1. Reduce Wet or Slippery Surfaces

Walking surfaces – parking lots, pavements and sidewalks, food preparation areas, showers, walk-off areas account for most reported injuries.  This is where Halo can help.  Halo Concrete and other coatings exceed code requirements of slip coefficient and Halo Anti-slip provides extra protection where it is required.

  1. Don’t create obstacles in aisles and walkways

This is really the no-brainer to prevent slipping.   If you keep passages clear, close your file drawers and don’t string cords across a walkway then people won’t trip over them.

  1. Make sure your lighting is good

If the light isn’t sufficient people will trip over obstacles – real or imagined.  See 3 above!

  1. Wear the correct shoes

Save the Louboutins (see last week’s blog) for nights out when not much walking is required.  Wear the correct shoes for your type of work and tie the shoe laces.

  1. Try to control your behaviour (and those of your fellow workers)

It’s natural and normal to be distracted by random thoughts or multi-tasking.  If you are in a hurry or wearing your sunnies in a poorly-lit area, or talking on a cell-phone, taking short-cuts etc etc you are more likely to have an injury.

Stay alert and pay attention to prevent slipping.

And call Halo to make your workplace safer.  We’re the prevent slipping experts and it’s what we do.