Transmission Tower Coatings

Halo Metal Coat is an ideal transmission tower coating.

It is a high-performance durable and strong coating designed to protect all metal surfaces from oxidation, galvanic corrosion, wind drag and dirt – among other things.

Transmission towers are often in exposed places

Because of this transmission tower Coatings with the qualities of Halo Metal Coat are vital to ensure the longevity of the tower.  Most, as a first layer of protection, are galvanized or powder coated and most towers have an expected life of 50 years.  Adding Halo Metal Coat as a final top layer of protection could extend the lives of the towers by another 25 years.  Having a tower last 50% longer is a huge bonus.

Transmission Tower Coatings protect in the following ways

First, because the coating is so fine, and the particles are so close together, it repels the dirt that can settle in the larger pores of regular paint, powder coating and galvanized finishes.

Over time, this dirt settles and weighs heavily on the tower thus reducing its life.  Halo Metal prevents the build-up of dirt – a significant benefit of a transmission tower coating.

Secondly, because dirt is unable to embed itself into the fine Halo coating, wind-drag is also reduced – again extending the life of the tower.

And because Halo Metal also protects against acid rain, oxidation, animal and bird waste the underlying coating is protected from degradation and UV damage.  It also protects against rust and corrosion.

Transmission Tower Coatings

It’s 4th July celebration time in the USA -hence the inspiration to talk about transmission tower coatings.  They’re called pylons elsewhere.  But the picture is definitely of towers supporting satellite discs which everywhere in the world would be called transmission towers – ET come home!

We’d love to protect your tower whether you transmit electricity or intergalactic messages so contact us now to learn more about Halo Metal Coat.

Can we send a message to ET?