Which nano coating or nano sealer should I use?


Which nano coating should I use is the most-frequently asked question in our business.

To answer the question you need to ask little questions first so that you can make the best choice.   With Halo you always have choices.

A distributor this week was asking the question about an application in a garden.  He wanted to know which nano coating would be right for an outdoor paving area.

Concrete pavers

The questions we asked were:

Q.1.   What does the client want to achieve?  What is the problem?

A.1.   Concrete pavers are looking tired and need rejuvenation and enhancement.  (Spot the clue!!)

Q.2.   Does the coating need to be anti-slip?

A.2.   No.   The area is flat and slipping has not been a problem.

Q.3.   Is the client looking for a surface that will last many years or would they prefer a surface treatment that is a sealer rather than a coating?

A.3   Longevity is not an issue.  The client would prefer the look of a sealer and realizes that it may last 2-3 years depending on wear and tear rather than the 5-10 years that a coating would last.

Q.4   Is damage to soil or plants a potential issue in this application?

A.4   No.  The area can be readily masked off so that soil and plants can be protected.

The answer to the question which nano coating should I use in this instance is Enhancer Plus.


1.  Halo Enhancer Plus rejuvenates and enhances.  (Did the clue help?)

2.  If anti-slip was an issue then Halo Anti-slip would have been the correct choice.

3.  If longevity was required then Halo Concrete would have been the best choice.

4.  If damage to soil or plants was a potential issue we would have recommended Halo Enhancer Blue.  Halo Enhancer Blue would, in any case, have been a good choice for this application and anyone wanting to apply a sealer with ZERO VOCs rather than the very small 20g/L in Halo Enhancer Plus should choose Halo Enhancer Blue.  It is a little softer than Halo Enhancer Plus so wouldn’t last quite as long.

Our Halo Surfaces Product Overview is designed to help you answer the question “which nano coating should I use?” and you can download it here.

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